Casual Sparring Images 04.17.2019

Casual Sparring Images 04.17.2019

Some of the people from my morning class doing a bit of sparring in the ring. Slowly but surely I am getting better at this and maximizing the lighting when composing my shots. Makes it much easier to edit files after the fact. (That said, it does help when they are moving at half-speed lol. And while it may look like he is beating up on her in some of the photos... hopefully the smiles at the end will let you know it was all in good fun.)

Portrait Photography Experimentation with a Friend

I somewhat surprisingly managed to convince a friend of mine to serve as a guinea pig while I practiced portrait photography a bit tonight, and I have to say that, despite his claims otherwise, he makes a fairly nice subject. I kind of feel like I was able to capture the essence of him in a way (which is why I included a few photos with non-traditional posing... if you know him it will make sense) which makes me both happy and proud. He let me share these with a guarantee of anonymity... which again, is so like him.

Saying Goodbye to a Pair of (Not So Old) Friends

It is officially time to retire my venerable Brooks Levitate running shoes (read: boats). They have served me well through this whole process and I am extremely glad that I purchased them. That said, they certainly failed in an odd way, but I suppose that is just a function of me being so heavy initially. (Not that I am really all that light even now compared to a lot of runners.) They probably just aren't designed to take the pounding that a 350+ pound body can deliver, and the fact that I spend so much time on the balls of my feet because of boxing...